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transacIntroducing TRANSACT our selected "Wrap provider" 

Although Transact is the UK's first Integrated Portfolio or "Wrap" Service, the concept of providing private investors with a centralised and complete personal portfolio has a long-established and successful history around the world.
The original idea can be traced back to the development of "wrap accounts" in the USA in the 1970s. In the 1980s a further step forward was taken in Australia with the introduction of "master trusts". Master Trusts now account for some £50 billion of investments and pensions from many thousands of private investors - and have recently also flourished in South Africa and New Zealand.
Integrated Financial Arrangements plc (who trade as Transact) was established in the UK in 1999 and they have drawn upon the resources and experience of their parent company, Object Mastery Development Pty Ltd, one of the leading providers of master trust systems in Australia.

But what is a “wrap provider”…
Most people have a mixture of financial investment products, a pension with Norwich Union, a PEP with Fidelity, an ISA with Gartmore, a unit trust with M&G and a mixed bag of Cash ISAs and building society/ bank accounts which they have acquired at various times during their adult life.
Transact is a financial Wrap which allows our clients to place all of these in one place and then to then apply a co-ordinated investment strategy to all of them.
There are a growing number of "wrap"providers in the UK but when we researched this market we selected Transact as we believe that it enables us to provide an efficient, value-for-money, truly  independent and transparent service to our clients.
Transact is a service, it is not a product. Transact simply execute instructions which we place on your behalf – for example, to buy or sell the funds within your portfolio.

Transact is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 
Our clients appreciate its complete transparency as in the investment process nothing is hidden and clients can see all the charges associated with their investments.. You can find out more about Transact and how it adds value to your financial planning by visiting their website. or using their link above.

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