What we do - Overview

transacOur website is designed to give you an insight into the World of Finance and how we can help you better understand this world and get the best from it.
If you are already one of our clients you will be able to see how we go about  managing your money, by looking at each of the sections. You can also log onto your Transact account using the link at the top of this page. 
Visitors to our website can see how we provide financial advice and decide whether we can help them manage their finances better.
The website has four main areas which describe in detail our advice process. We recommend starting at Initial report Asset Allocation which describes the various types of investments used, then moving on to Fund selection which gives an insight into how we research and select the funds used in your specific portfolio. Then move to an explanation of Your Account and the finally, the Annual Review where we monitor your portfolio to ensure that it continues to meet your expectations and objectives.
You will also find links to other sites which can help you better understand your finances. These can be found in the Information Centre and allow you to access the sort of financial data which Hallmark utilise on a daily basis.

We hope you find our site both helpful and  informative and if so, you will be pleased to tell others about it.


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