Attitude to risk

Your Attitude To Risk

There is risk in all investments whether it is buying property, antiques, stocks and shares or just putting money into a Building Society account. Therefore before investing your money it is very important to establish how you feel about risk, in other words your.......... ' Attitude to Risk'.  At Hallmark we use a Risk Profiler Questionnaire designed by Oxford Risk to ellicit an emotional response to risk. The results of this psychometric test along with a discussion of your responses will put you into one of the ten catergories listed below:

Profile 1 - Lowest Risk.

Profile 2 - Very Low Risk.

Profile 3 - Low Risk.

Profile 4 - Lowest Medium Risk.

Profile 5 - Medium Risk.

Profile 6 - High Medium Risk.

Profile 7 - Highest Medium Risk.

Profile 8 - High Risk.

Profile 9 - Very High Risk.

Profile 10 - Highest Risk.

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