Asset allocation - Initial report

Initial Report

At our initial meeting with clients we obtain details of all the financial products in your portfolio. We generally find these include a mixture of plans and policies bought over a long period of time in response to particular events in your life such as house purchase, setting up a business, changes in taxation or joining your employers pension scheme. We will also issue you with our Client Agreement and Terms of Engagement which detail the services we provide and our charges.

Unfortunately, the majority of people rarely review their financial affairs to ensure that products purchased in the past achieve their original goal.

Therefore we begin by completing a Personal Financial Review containing details of your existing financial situation, your attitude to risk, affordability, short and long-term goals and your needs listed in order of priority. We also obtain Letters of Authority from you enabling us to obtain up-to-date valuations and details of your various financial plans.
At our second meeting we provide you with our recommendations for changes and additions to your portfolio in a report which takes into account the following

  • The client's current financial situation
  • Attitude towards risk
  • Investment objectives
  • Timescales.
  • Recommended Asset Allocation and how it is has been calculated.
  • Fund selection including Fund Fact Sheets.
  • Details of any charges.

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